VARTEC’s Turnkey Solar Solutions

VARTEC looks after everything. This means, a comprehensive range of professional services, combined with sophisticated, high-performance products – from the planning stage right through to the operation of a fully installed and monitored system. VARTEC’s well thought-out system solutions have been perfected right down to the very last detail based on our extensive experience.


Extensive Solar Engineering Experience

1. Development

  • Land acquisition, grid studies and offers
  • Environmental, UXO, geotechnical, hydrology studies
  • Building permit applications & subsidy applications

2. Design & Engineering

  • Suitability & Cost Analysis
  • Technical and Legal Due Dilligence
  • Customised System Design
  • Accredited Engineers

3. Project Management

  • Experienced & Accredited Project Managers
  • Grid approval co-ordination
  • Professional standards and tools for all phases of the PV project

4. Installation

  • Experienced and accredited installers
  • Fully qualified site and construction managers
  • Professional commissioning engineers
  • ‘State of the art’ test and commissioning equipment
  • Installation and commissioning based on VARTEC Engineering standards

5. Operations & Maintenance

  • Comprehensive O&M Service Offering for small and large scale projects
  • Regular system inspection, reporting and performance reviews

Today, we are one of Europe’s leaders in building turn-key solar power plants. Overall we’ve installed 32 solar plants to date in Europe with a capacity of more than 250 megawatts.

That makes us a global leader and system provider of multi-megawatt solar plants. Our turn-key services offer a consistent sales approach no matter where  you might be.

Battery Storage

VARTEC has the expertise to combine solar PV with battery storage technology for existing solar installations or new project designs.

We can also integrate systems with existing diesel backup generators (for example data centers, remote radio telecommunications masts etc.) to vastly reduce or eliminate diesel costs.

  • Peak-shaving optimisation
  • Frequency control
  • Load balancing
  • Energy management
  • Autonomous networks
  • Modular systems from 15kW to 2000kW